Backend Technical Support Services


For Backend Technical Support Services and IT technical support, we offer permanent staffing to all our employees. We believe in providing a commitment to our Backend Technical Support Services. activities that we provide to our clientele from time to time. Making them equipped to handle technical & backend support with ease & versatility makes them successful in their service delivery. Resolving issues with least Average Time for Resolution & Average Resolve Rate makes all the difference to our stats to evaluate our engineers.

Our staffing services wherein we staff experienced resources for our clients comes about with our decade old experience of training and grooming talent in the areas of IT /Telecom – precisely VOIP, IP/Data, Networking, Telephony, Infrastructure & Application support, etc. Technical Support Services is all about accuracy which is consistently provided to our clientele which makes them more confident to focus on their business expansions.

As marketplaces turn increasingly global, so does the facet of human resource challenges. It has been our focus to keep pace with the challenges, define and solve specific staffing needs of our clientele, whereby allowing companies the time and freedom to do what they do best: focus on their core business. Our core staff is with us for over 5 years now as we treat staff as equal and provide them with the right technical exposure to support customers with confidence and elegance.

Customer Query Helpdesk

Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution

Trouble Ticket Handling / Management

Technical Understanding of Issues & suggest towards time bound resolution