IT Risk Assessment

Identify and Stop Threats with an IT Risk Assessment

As the threats to your organization’s security continue to grow in number and sophistication, an IT risk assessment is an integral part of your security program. An IT risk assessment can help you understand, manage and mitigate all kinds of risk, from minor risks to catastrophic threats and well-known hazards to emerging dangers.


Comprehensive Services for an IT Risk Assessment

With a 360 degree view of the security space, your IT risk assessment team can take a comprehensive approach to tracking, triaging and treating potential risks and threats. Your team will translate your business and security requirements into detailed recommendations for remediation with a clear understanding of the technology, processes and people specific to your organization.

With an IT risk assessment with ITGen, You can:

Cybersecurity Strategy & Transformation

Organizations must embrace innovation to survive the disruptive changes that are occurring in the marketplace. In doing so they risk increasing exposure to Cybersecurity threats, legal regulatory pressures, and digital transformational risks. ITGen Web Technology helps its customers review the existing Cybersecurity strategy and program and how effectively it address the organization's needs and helps by building a strategy and a transformational roadmap.

ITGen Web Technology IAM advisory and technology integration services help organizations’ information security leadership understand who has access to what and who can do what using Business and IT systems. Our services allow business and IT leaders to understand the access patterns of their teams and the impact they can cause. Several legal and regulatory requirements mandate the organizations to gain this insight into access patterns and then establish ways to prevent and detect misuse of access.



Software Security Engineering

ITGen Web Technology offers engineering, design and builds expertise in the security space to accelerate product development, build third-party integrations for data exchange, actions and orchestration, and deliver made-to-order solutions to solve critical cybersecurity challenges. With hundreds of man-years of experience under our belt and our deep understanding of all cyber security domains, we bring to the table a potent accelerator for all your security related bespoke development needs.

Managed Security Services

ITGen Web Technology Managed Security Services offers a full complement of managed and subscription-based security service offerings, including services such as round the clock Cybersecurity Operations Center, Threat Management Services, Vulnerability Management and Remediation, Threat Hunting, etc. ITGen Web Technology MSS offers the best of our customers through shared and dedicated engagement models and best practices honed over more than 5 years of delivering these services to our satisfied, protected customer.