Joomla Web Development

Joomla Development: For A Power-Packed Website

Joomla, with its cutting-edge technological features, infinite extensions directory, and high level of customization, is one of the most popular content management systems for website development. Businesses who get website development in Joomla reap the fruits bore by a power-packed website that is mobile-friendly, SEO-friendly, and easy to manage, access, and promote. With the Joomla website development services offered by ITGen Web Technology businesses can get a fully-functional website that excels on the parameters of usability, extensibility, consistency, and management.

Easy Management

It is the ease of use that makes Joomla so popular. Any type of website from Corporate Site, Portal Site, E-commerce Site, News Site, and endless others can be easily managed on Joomla platform. Also, it is easy to set up this CMS and takes less than 30 minutes in installation with an experienced user. It can be hosted on a shared Linux/Apache/ MySQL/PHP environment, which is an economical option.


Accessibility & SEO

Joomla core themes comply with 508 standards and it boosts the SEO value of the website. Besides, Joomla has a strong inbuilt SEO. The HTML page titles and metadata are pulled straight from the user input, which contributes to on-page search engine optimization. Due to this, we easily get your Joomla website search engine optimized for high rankings and generate high web traffic, more leads, and high conversions.


Promotional Marketing

Joomla allows you to easily and quickly organize, manage and publish all kinds of content on websites, portals, blogs, and web-based applications. Of the many Joomla highlights, Banner Manager, Newsletter Manager, & Contact Manager are three features that add new dimensions to the promotional capabilities of this platform. With these three impeccable features, it becomes really easy to start up a promotional campaign that boosts the ROI of your business.


Powerful CMS

Joomla is pre-packaged with powerful themes, templates and modules, thus providing you unrivaled design freedom and complete control over the appearance and functionality of your website. It is a mobile ready platform to develop and run responsive websites offering optimal browsing experience, invariably on all digital devices. Based on Ease of Hosting, Ease of Setting-Up a Website, Ease of Use, Graphical Flexibility, Structural Flexibility, SEO, Extensibility, Security and Community strength, Joomla pips even the most sophisticated CMSs of this generation.